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General and special conditions required for admission to postgraduate and doctoral training

General information

Today the R.E. Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology of NAS of Ukraine is a powerful academic center that possesses powerful material and human resources. It has 55 years experience in the field of experimental and clinical oncology.

The main directions of Institute’s scientific research activities are:

  • Detection of malignant transformation markers and identification of signs of tumor stem cells for early diagnosis and prognosis of disease course
  • Investigation of tumor cells biology and their microenvironment aimed at the developing of methodology for individualized correction of «tumor-host» interactions
  • Studying of the molecular genetic features of metabolic regulation in tumor disease and the development of biotechnologic and sorption means of their pharmacological correction
  • Examination of the impact of nanoparticles and nanocomposites on metabolism of normal and tumor cells and development of approaches for targeted therapy
  • Investigation of the influence of environmental carcinogenic dangerous factors on the process of tumorigenesis and designing of effective means of prevention

In the Institute there are some special subdivisions, which are certificated according to the GLP demands; their functioning ensures the effective fulfillment of research. Among them are:

  • The Sector for methodological and instrumental support of research. It includes the Expertise Center for determination of carcinogenic factors and molecular markers of tumor growth. Among the Center functions’ are the conduction of experimental and applied investigations, including expert preclinical studies of drugs with potential antitumor activity and the designing of new technologies of diagnosis and therapy of cancer patients aimed on implementation them into clinical practice. Also the Sector includes specialized research Center of collective use of devices named «Molecular Oncology and Biotechnology»
  • The Bank of Cell Lines from human and animal tissues is the unique collection of tumor cell cultures and strains. The Bank has more that 36,000 samples of biological materials, including cell lines, tumor strains, hybridomas etc, that are widely used in fundamental and applied investigations in many scientific institutes of Ukraine
  • The experimental base (vivarium)

The Scientific Library of the Institute contains great amount of domestic and foreign scientific sources.

IEPOR has substantial experience in active cooperation with institutions of higher education, main of which are:

  • Educational and Scientific Centre «Institute of Biology» of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
  • National University of «Kyiv-Mohyla Academy»
  • Bogomolets National Medical University
  • National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»
  • National University of Food Technologies
  • Dragomanov National Pedagogical University 

The subject of such cooperation is the introduction of new quality terms of scientific and educational activities aimed at deepening of interaction between science and educational process, training the new generation of skilled professionals to address the pressing problems of modern science which will contribute the development of universities as research and training systems of the European type. Within this cooperation the Institute organizes practical training, provides universities’ students with job opportunities for preparation of course and degree papers, and ensures the contemporary level for their execution and protection. Such approach is the basis for the formation from students of higher schools of new generation of skilled researchers with modern scientific ideology.

Annually about 50 students are undergoing practical training in the Institute, and nearly half of them carry out their graduate works (bachelors, masters).

Almost in full the Institute’s professorial staff is involved in the training of future specialists in higher education institutions (reading cycles of lectures on basic disciplines and special courses for students, bachelors, and masters). Along with this, our specialists regularly give lectures on actual issues of experimental and clinical oncology for students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

We have to underline that the joint scientific and educational laboratories, the Ukrainian-German scientific and educational center on nanobiotechnologies, the Department of Fundamental Medicine of the ESC «Institute of Biology» of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv are effectively functioning on the IEPOR basis. Such cooperation with universities is an important background for enhanced relations and various forms of collaboration both in science and education.

Such an approach of training allows selection of the most promising young scientists (Masters) for admission to postgraduate training.

General and special conditions required for admission to postgraduate and doctoral training in the RE Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology of NAS of Ukraine for foreign citizens 

The IEPOR is the research institution authorized to training of highly qualified personnel through postgraduate (doctoral) training in the specialty «oncology».

Postgraduate and doctoral training of foreign citizens is carried out:

  • On the basis of international treaties of Ukraine and/or international programs on exchange or mobility
  • On the basis of Agreements signed between Ukrainian higher education institutions (or academic scientific institutions) and higher education institutions (or academic scientific institutions) from other countries on the exchange of scientists or academic mobility
  • At the expense of legal and physical entities (on terms of the contract)

General conditions

Those persons who received higher education (Master's level) can be admitted to postgraduate training on a competitive basis.

Applicants who in time filed all the necessary documents for entry in accordance with the Rules of admission to postgraduate (doctoral) training in the IEPOR are allowed to take entrance tests.

The Admission Committee may deny the candidate's permission to take entrance tests only if the applicant failed to submit in restricted time all or some documents that are specified by the Rules of admission.

Since 2016, the duration of the postgraduate training lasts 4 years.

Special conditions

Documents required for admission to postgraduate training

  1. Submitted application
  2. Medical health certificate (form No 286y; or another form with the same content if the applicant is abroad at the time of documents’ submission)
  3. Copy of the Master’s diploma with indication of obtained specialty
  4. List of scientific publications and inventions (if available)
  5. Scientific paper (abstract) on selected specialty
  6. Letter(s) of recommendation (in particular, from potential employer and/or scientist interested in scientific cooperation with applicant if he will enter the postgraduate training in the IEPOR).

Documents for enter the postgraduate training under the contract conditions (at the expense of legal and physical entities) applicant must submit to the IEPOR Scientific Department not later then the 1st of September.

Foreign citizens, who are granted with government scholarships according to international agreements, national programs and other international obligations of Ukraine, receive training under the directions of the Ministry of Education and Science within in frames of the state order.

Documents of applicants who are sent to study at postgraduate, doctoral training according to international agreements or national programs, through diplomatic missions of Ukraine or the diplomatic mission of his country in Ukraine must be sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine until the 30th of June.


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