Tumor cell biology

tumor cell biologyInvestigation of the biology of tumor cell and its microenvironment, molecular and cellular mechanisms of oncogenesis aimed at the developing of new methods for diagnosis, prognosis, and individualized correction of «tumor-host» interactions

Research areas — tumor cell biology

  • Assessment of the effects of growth and transcription factors, cytokines on the malignant transformation process
  • Investigation of hormone-receptor status and microenvironmental components essential for predicting tumor aggressiveness
  • Studying cytomorphological, enzyme- and imunocytochemical features of blast cells in various cytological variants of acute leukemia of myeloid and lymphoid origins, chronic myelogenous leukemia in blast crisis stage
  • Evaluation of tumor microenvironment effects on «dormant» bone marrow micrometastases and markers of their control
  • Studying the molecular mechanisms of tumor cells' natural and acquired resistance
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