Nanosystems and targeted therapy

nanosystems targeted therapyDetermination of the molecular aspects of directional transport systems aimed at increasing treatment effectiveness and overcoming drug resistance.

Research areas — nanosystems and targeted therapy

  • Testing of nanomaterials in normal and tumor cells in systems in vitro and in vivo, risk assessment of their negative impact on human health
  • Nanomaterials in oncology: molecular mechanisms of interaction and their transformation in biological systems
  • Evaluation of the nanoparticles and nanostructured materials effects' on biological systems aimed at elaborating markers panel for assessment their carcinogenic risk enhancement, and elaboration the recommendations for safety precautions while their using
  • Determining the role of metal-containing proteins in tumor growth and their suitability as non-neoplastic markers of the sensitivity to anticancer drugs
  • Construction of photosensitizers composites based on plasmon-resonance nanoparticles as agents for photodynamic anticancer therapy
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