Environment and cancer

environment and cancerInvestigation of impacts of potentially carcinogenic environmental factors (chemical carcinogens, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation) on molecular and cellular processes of tumorigenesis and construction of the agents that can modify them.

Research areas — environment and cancer

  • Studying the molecular and cellular mechanisms of response to physical and chemical environmental factors (exogenous nitric oxides, chemical carcinogens and their precursors, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, nanoparticles)
  • Assessment of combined effects of physical and chemical environmental factors on systems that provide anti-tumor resistance, genetic instability, and increasing cancer risk
  • Evaluation of biological effects of low-dose radiation, namely molecular and genetic basis of human individual radiosensitivity, and development of methods for radiation effects modification
  • Exploration of molecular mechanisms of reception and mutagenic effects of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range
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