Differentiation Antigens of Human Cells. The Brief Reference Book

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The book contains the up-to-date information on about 400 antigens of human cells comprising the clusters of differentiation (CD) that were registered in 1982–2014 by HLDA (Human Leucocyte Differentiation Antigens) International Workshops.

The data on coding genes for CD molecules, their families, chromosomal localization and mRNA expression in hematopoietic, lymphoid cells and other human cells of different tissues and organs are compiled. The isoforms of CD proteins are characterized with the data on their molecular weight and tissues specificity.

The biological functions of various antigens and mechanisms of their realization are considered in details. The data on expression of the antigens throughout the stages of differentiation and activation of immunocompetent and hematopoietic cells of various lineages as well as their interactions with cells and extracellular structures of microenvironment are disclosed.

The examples are provided for using the monoclonal antibodies against CD molecules with the aim of immunophenotyping and identification of cancer stem cells and the bulk of neoplastic cells in various forms of hematoblastoses and solid tumors are considered.

The reference book is intended for immunologists and cytologists, the specialists in the field of molecular biology and cell biology, practical hematologists, oncologists and specialists in laboratory medicine.

ISBN 978-617-7748-94-5 

Differentiation Antigens of Human Cells. The Brief Reference Book / D.F. Gluzman, A.A. Philchenkov, L.M. Sklyarenko, T.S. Ivanovskaya. — Kyiv: Publisher Lira-K — 248 p., 4 Tables


  • Preface
  • List of Abbreviations, Notations, Symbols, Measurement Units and Terms
  • Genes of Human Cell Differentiation Molecules (CD)
  • Isoforms, Molecular Weight and Specificity of CD Antigens
  • Particular Characteristics of CD Antigen Structures, Their Functions and Molecular Mechanisms of Action
  • References
  • Index of CD Antigens
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