International Activities


Fourteenth Annual Meeting of National Cancer Institute Directors (NCID 2019), Lyon, France

For many years Iepor conducts joint research with leading scientific and medical institutions in many foreign countries in the field of experimental pathology and oncology.

Today, the Institute co-operates and provides research on international projects and grants with numerous foreign partners, in particular, from Austria, Belarus, Italy, Cuba, Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, USA, Turkey, France, Sweden, Japan.

Since 1994 IEPOR is the only institution of the OECI-EEIG member (Organization of European Cancer Institutes-European Economic Interest Grouping). The activities of this organization are aimed at introducing innovative, competitive, high-quality cancer treatment techniques developed on the principles of evidence-based medicine. This is achieved by coordinating clinical and scientific research and raising the level of education in the institutions of the oncological profile of Europe.

IEPOR membership in OECI-EEIG creates a significant basis for strengthening the integration of domestic cancer in European space.


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