Grygoriі P. Potebnya

potebnya-g-p Prof., Dr.Sci.(Med.)

Honoured Worker in Science and Technology of Ukraine

Deputy Director for Science

Tel +38 (044) 259-91-94


  • O.O. Bogomolets Kyiv Medical Institute (1979), faculty of hygiene and sanitary, specialty «Hygienist-epidemiologist»

Scientific degree in medicine, specialty «Oncology»

  • PhD degree was received in 1984, theme of dissertation «Enhancement of transformations activity of adenoviruses and its DNA by agents of the various nature»
  • Dr.Sci.(Med.) degree was received in 2003, theme of dissertation «The development and increase of efficacy of the cancer vaccines, prepared on the basis of B.subtilis synthesis products»

Scientific titles

  • «Senior researcher» in specialty «oncology» — 1996
  • Professor — 2010
Field of scientific activity

Grygorii P. Potebnya has been working in the Institute since 1981 year.

He is a well-known expert in the field of anticancer vaccines developing and testing, especially these ones that are based on tumor-associated antigens and agents delivered from B.subtilis 7025. Under his leadership the creative scientific group of the Department is organized and working, successfully dealing with this line of investigation.


Total of publications — over 350, including 12 monographs, 30 patents, 4 methodical recommendations, 8 information letters.

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Research Areas

  • Tumor cell biology

    Investigation of the biology of tumor cell and its microenvironment, molecular and cellular mechanisms of oncogenesis aimed at the developing of new methods for diagnosis, prognosis, and individualized correction of «tumor-host» interactions

  • Tumor cell metabolism

    Studying of the molecular genetic features of metabolic regulation in tumor disease and the development of biotechnologic and sorption means of their pharmacological correction

  • Nanosystems and targeted therapy

    Determination of the molecular aspects of directional transport systems aimed at increasing treatment effectiveness and overcoming drug resistance

  • Environment and cancer

    Investigation of impacts of potentially carcinogenic environmental factors (chemical carcinogens, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation) on molecular and cellular processes of tumorigenesis and construction of the agents that can modify them

  • Personalized medicine

    Personalized medicine is the certain model of health care that is based on the selection of diagnostic, treatment and preventive measures that would be optimal for the given person taking into account its genetic, physiological, biochemical and other individual features

  • Translational medicine

    Translational medicine is a new stage in the development of medicine. It is a process of transferring discoveries made through fundamental research conducted in laboratories into practical use

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