December 4, 2015 — Signing of the bilateral Agreement on scientific cooperation between Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir, Turkey and R.E.Kavetsky IEPOR, NAS of Ukraine

dokuz eylul university ieporOn December 4 , 2015 in Izmir (Turkey) the bilateral Agreement on academic scientific cooperation was signed between Dokuz Eylül University and R.E. Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology of NAS of Ukraine.

Director of the R.E.Kavetsky IEPOR of NAS of Ukraine Professor Vasyl F. Chekhun visited the Dokuz Eylül University (Izmir, Turkey). At the solemn session of the Senate of Dokuz Eylül University Professor Vasyl F. Chekhun took part in the ceremonial signing of the bilateral Agreement on academic scientific and technical cooperation.

According to the signed Agreement the key areas of cooperation are the research in the spheres of gene technology, oncoimmunology, cancer biotherapy, including cancer vaccine designing and testing, nanotechnologies, biomarkers for diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of disease course, targeted delivery of anti-tumor drugs, photodynamic therapy, and biobanking.

Rector of the Dokuz Eylül University Dr. Mehmet Füzün delivered the opening speech.

He emphasized that the «September 9» University of the city Izmir in Turkey is the largest institution of higher education with 12 departments in its structure, which also serve as the bases for scientific institutes. Thus, within the Medicine Faculty the Oncology Institute functions, which possesses powerful scientific, research and clinical bases. Rector of the University, Dr. Mehmet Füzün underlined that special attention of the University’s activities is focused on expanding international scientific cooperation. Authorities and the Senate of the University pay great attention to the internationalization of research aimed at developing new technologies in various fields of science and technique, including medicine, and in particular oncology. Scientists of these University Institutes’ are carrying out dozens of projects in line with signed bilateral and multilateral contracts with a large number of leading world research centers.

Rector of the University stressed that the Agreement signed with the RE Kavetsky IEPOR of NAS of Ukraine will serve as an example of fruitful cooperation for the benefit of peace and science in Turkey and Ukraine.

In his speech, Director of the IEPOR Professor Vasyl F. Chekhun pointed out that the Institute of Oncology Izmir City University can be considered as one of the leading institutions in global oncology science of the 21st century. He stressed the historical significance of the event, and expressed his deep certainty that the Agreement will become the foundation and starting point for large-scale cooperation in the field of oncology between our countries.

During the visit, Professor Vasyl F. Chekhun had numerous meetings with the members of the Senate and the Supervisory Board of Dokuz Eylyul University. He made a presentation on research activities of the IEPOR and its basic achievements in the development of new technologies for diagnosis and individualized treatment of cancer patients. Also, at a special workshop at the Oncology Institute, he presented the results of the development and clinical application of cancer vaccines that were designed in the IEPOR.

By the results of negotiations, which were held in a spirit of mutual respect and trust, it was decided to conduct bilateral research in the field of cancer biotherapy widely using scientific and technical potentials of both institutes.

Both sides expressed deep confidence in the successful implementation of the Agreement tasks, acknowledged that the meetings were of fruitful nature and emphasized the mutual interest in setting long-term cooperation.

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