Bank of Cell Lines from Human and Animal Tissues


Scientific Chief:

Oleksandra Lykhova

Degree: PhD (Biol), Senior Research Fellow, Monitoring of Tumor Process and Therapy Design Dpt.
Tel: +38 (044) 259-70-86, +38(063) 424-81-12
E-mail: lexxDNА@gmа
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The Bank of Cell Lines (BCL) from human and animal tissues, based at the Department of Experimental Cell Systems, is the most significant in Ukraine official collection of cellular material intended for collection, cryopreservation and distributing cell cultures and strain of transplanted tumors.

This unique Bank has more than 30,000 samples of typical and original cell lines from normal and tumor tissues of different animal species — rat, mouse, hamster, monkey, pig, dog, ox, sheep, bats, mink, fish, insects and etc.

The collection of BCL contains more than 200 cell lines and over 30 strains of animal transplanted tumors.

Scientific interests of BCL comprise the study of biological and morphological properties of cells, their immunophenotype and cytogenetic features.

The tasks of BCL also includes establishment and characterization of new cell lines from normal and tumor tissues of humans and various animal species. In BCL widely used modern methods of research: Technology to artificially cultivate and cloning of cells, transduction of cells by different transgenes, and the cytological, immunologic, virologic, biochemical, morphological and cytogenetic research methods.

BCL staff have extensive experience in testing in vitro and in vivo factors with antitumor and antiviral activity of various nature (chemical, physical, biological). In the BCL are appropriate cellular model systems to determine in vitro the biological activity of various cytokines (interleukins, growth factors, tumor necrosis factor, interferon, and others).

The BCL from human and animal tissues are listed in the State Register objects of national property of Ukraine.

Certificate of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 41 date 19.02.2009


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President of NAS of Ukraine Academician Boris Paton met with cell bank lines of human tissues and animals during a visit to the Institute on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of its founding — July 7, 2005

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