Liquid Chromatograph with Diode-Array and Fluorescence Detectors, Agilent Technologies (USA, Germany)

Chromatograph Agillent 1200 intended for conducting of procedures of analytical and preparative chromatography. Diode-Array detector allows at once to get information about the spectrum of absorption of the determined matters, that facilitates their identification, and Fluorescence detector enables to determine compounds which have a natural capacity for fluorescence and to use specific fluorescent substances in researches.

Liquid chromatograph consists of following modules

  1. Preparative and analytical Gradient Pump
  2. Vacuum degasser with solvent cabinet
  3. Autosampler for 100 samples
  4. Thermostatted Column Compartment (from temperature 10 degrees above ambient to 80 °C)
  5. Diode-Array Detector (190-950 nm) and Fluorescence Detector (200-700 nm for excitation and 280-900 nm for emission)
  6. Fraction Collector with ability of start fraction collection by time intervals, chromatographic peak parameters (threshold, up- and down slope of chromatographic peak), by timetable (combination of time intervals and peak parameters)